Sunday, July 21, 2013

Focus T25 Stretch!

I admit, I had a great time on Saturday night. A good friend in the neighborhood had a party, and I didn't head home until late (putting it mildly). So the T25 Stretch workout was a great way to shake off any fatigue and make it through the way.

The workout is exactly what it says - long, slow stretching and yoga movements to improve flexibility and balance. Shaun T walks the group through a series of exercises and active stretches that include:

Knee holds (to stretch the glutes)
Squats and hip flexor stretches
Lunges (groin stretches)
Downward dog series
Pigeon yoga poses

...among other exercises.  All in all, its a nice, no-impact video that gets your body ready for the next week of T25.

Tomorrow I start week 3 of the Alpha round of T25, which means another go at the Total Body Circuit. Even after two rounds of Insanity, this video is tough.

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